Musical Instruments Store Located in Haifa at Migdal Ha’Nevi’im [Tower of Prophets], in Hadar right above Haifa bay, Huri 2 street, Israel – is Kol Hamusica ltd, Israel’s premier import and retail agency regarding to musical instruments and music industry. With a broad portfolio of in-house laboratories ranging from Electronic repairs for amplification and instruments to delicate, on hand woodwind experts.

Suffice to say, Kol Hamusica employs only the very best of experts, all with years of experience in the highest forms of service and technical mastery. The widest variety of sound-systems and manufacturers are supported in-house.

Our clients benefit from our team experience, they enjoy from professional guidance, first class service and repairs since January 1980 (40+ Years!). The laboratories are located in the store itself and allow quick response to the costumer, when the store main goal is customer satisfaction.

:Amongst Our Services

  • Wind instruments – trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and clarinets flute, French horn, baritone, good and harmonica.
  • String instruments – classical guitar, electric, acoustic bass, violin, cello, guitar amplifiers and effects.
  • Keyboards – organic, Indicates required fields *, electric pianos and more.
  • Studio equipment – monitors, keyboards, control, recording and editing software, sound cards and digital recording systems.
  • *Sound – passive and active speakers, mixers, amplifiers, microphones, public address and lighting systems.
  • Drums and Percussion – Acoustic systems and electronic drums, percussion of all kinds and accessories.

Our Laboratories

The laboratory variance is the heart of the store; our specialists make sure that the tools purchased or leased from Kol Hamusica are in excellent mechanical shape.

From the laboratory brass facilities experts and all types of vessels handled in the highest level.

Kol Hamusica - The Early Days, 1993